Jägermeister MANIFEST // A True Story by Raz Degan

Marcello Perego: Assistant Director (NYC) | 2nd Camera | Cast

Peace Productions ©2019

Uncompromising belief in the extraordinary has always been our credo. It’s given us the drive to do things our own way since 1878. In the mid-90s, Raz Degan was around 20, struggling to land a model/actor career in New York. Times were tough, but he never stopped believing in himself. And it was this belief that eventually got him lead role in a TV commercial for Jägermeister in Italy that should go on to become a true classic in Italy’s advertising history. It was this commercial that changed his life and allowed him to manifest his dream, acting and directing together with people like Oliver Stone, Angelina Jolie, Leonardo di Caprio and more. Fast-forward to 2019, when Raz is 25 years the wiser but still believes strongly in going his own way. If anyone embraces the offbeat spirit, it is him. As such, he represents everything Jägermeister MANIFEST stands for: elegance paired with irreverence. Daring with maturing. Perfection with premium.